Commercial, Residential & Agricultural

McIntyre Fencing & Decking specializes in the installation, repair and design of all types of fencing and decking for Commercial, Residential and Agricultural properties. Our team can handle any job from repairing damaged or worn decking, to replacing outdated fencing, to custom builds.
McIntyre is your Go-To Fence & Deck Company!


Gates for the Life of the Fence

When it comes to fencing, McIntyre Fencing & Decking has you covered. We install and repair every type of fence, with any type of material, on any terrain. Custom Built Fences are our specialty, if you can dream it, we can build it. A gorgeous fence improves property value and curb appeal.

All McIntyre Wooden Fences come with guaranteed gates for life.

They are built on welded steel frames & we guarantee the gates for the life of the fence.

Types of Fences

  • Chain-link Fences:

     Made from woven galvanized steel wire. Very cost effective.

  • Vinyl Fences:

    Made from a composite of two or more plastics, a vinyl fence offers increased strength and UV stability.

  • Wooden Fences:

    Mostly made from Cedar or Redwood and resistant to moisture, rot and insects.

  • Composite Fences:

    Combination of wood and plastic. The wood gives strength and beauty and the plastic gives greater longevity, and resistance to rot and decay.

  • Aluminum Fences:

    Aluminum has a low density and resists corrosion, making it a popular choice for fencing and railing structures.

  • Iron Fences:

    Fence made of wrought iron. Very durable and can be pre-shaped for an ornamental look on each rail.

  • Privacy Fences:

    Can conceal your yard from neighbors and add a decorative touch to your landscape.

  • Picket Fences:

    A decorative fence with evenly spaced vertical boards.

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Custom Built Decks

Custom Built Decks are no problem for our expert team of designers and builders. Our entire team will work with you on implementing and executing the design you have in mind.

McIntyre Fencing & Decking can also repair or repaint your currently installed deck.

Take a look at the types of decks we offer and the different materials you can choose from!


Types of Decks: Wood, Vinyl & Composite

  • Wraparound Decks:

    This type of deck will enclose the entire circumference of your home. A great way to make the most of space that can otherwise go unused.

  • Raised Decks:

    Raised decks are built to allow you deck access from the different stories of your home.

  • Split Level Decks:

    A deck that will have multiple distinct areas/platforms.  

  • Freestanding Decks:

    This deck will be just as it sounds, freestanding without the support of a home or another structure.

  • Pool/Hot Tub Decks:

    We can build a deck of your chosen design and desired material around any size pool or hot tub.

  • Hillside Decks:

    Is your backyard built on a hilly terrain or uneven ground? We are equipped to build you a solid, structurally sound deck.

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Types Of Decks 2
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Other Services

McIntyre Fencing & Decking also provides other services beyond building your dream fence or deck! We can build a variety of other structures in any building material of your choice.

  • Painting:

    We provide painting services to your newly installed fences and decks, but we also provide painting revamp to your existing fences or decks.

  • Sealant/Staining:

    We consider Sealant and Staining an important aspect of any new fence and deck build. The sealant and staining will help guarantee a longer life and sustainability of your new fence or deck.

  • Pergolas & Gazebos:

    Want to add a beautiful structure to your backyard that provides shade, privacy and place to entertain? McIntyre Fencing & Decking can build a pergola or gazebo in a variety of different materials.